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What if you were the woman who had the energy and passion to do the things she loved?

Get the most out of CEO of Your Wellness with, VIP Exclusive Membership Program and become the woman who has the energy and passion to do the things she loves.

Living a vibrant and passion filled life requires more than just doing the right things sometimes, but making the effort to always eat right and exercise can be overwhelming in today’s world.

With my membership program, I will assist you to boost your wellness year-round, once every season for 12 days, so that you can continue to thrive.

CEO of your Wellness’s VIP Exclusive Membership program consists of four 12-day detox cleanses a year, one for every season. The detox cleanse is a fun and highly effective way to reduce inflammation in the body. The detox cleanse can reduce stress from poor diet, and many people experience weight loss. This is designed for a woman like you! A woman who wants to look, feel and be her best at any age.

The 12-Day Detox includes:

Daily emails
Healthy tips and habits
Community of like-minded people
Accountability & support to keep you on course
User friendly modules delivered via email
Shopping lists
Many healthy food choices
Delicious & healthy recipes
Spring Detox: Thrive and feel alive
Time to eliminate that winter coat! Spring is the season of new beginnings and the ideal opportunity for a little house cleaning. Greet the warmer weather and abundant bounty of fresh organic produce with my 12 Day Detox Program. Feel energized, inspired and new with healthy recipes, fabulous smoothies, daily email reminders  and community support.
Fall Detox: Reconnect with your body
Align with the changing seasons and get grounded after a summer of over indulgences. Fall is the opportune time to reset your body, your mind and prime your system for winter wellness. A Fall Detox is designed to stave off seasonal colds and boost your immune system as you prepare your organs for colder weather. My 12 Day Detox can increase your energy, relieve brain fog, balance your digestion as the days grow shorter.
Summer Detox: Look and feel your best
Summer brings longer days and hotter temperatures. Be prepared for all of those special  outdoor activities, family outings and a season of healthy Fun! An abundant array of fresh summer fruits and organic vegetables are easily accessible at local farmers markets or your grocer. Learn to eat healthy, lighter Whole Foods while connecting with a supportive community. My 12 Day Detox offers healthy recipes, smoothies, daily email reminders and  healthy tips to that will make you feel and look great!
Winter Detox: Simplify your life
Brr! Winter, the coldest season of the year sets in as the earth is farther away from the sun. As the days begin to get shorter, the temperature gets frigid and the  holidays are behind us we reflect on our health. Recover from the over-indulgences, the temptations of past feasts and treats this winter season. Nourish, reset and reboot your body and digestive tract with clean, healthy foods utilizing my 12 Day Detox Program.
Also included with the CEO’s VIP Exclusive Membership Program you will receive two group coaching sessions during each cleanse, that’s eight group coaching sessions a year. During these coaching sessions, I will personally share healthy habits and tips that I use personally to stay healthy and vibrant. I will listen to your concerns and assist you as you work through challenges and obstacles that you may encounter. You will connect with a community of like-minded women who share similar goals and challenges in life. You will inspire each other to achieve success.

Bonus Offer: 7 Day Gut Health Program

When you sign up for CEO’s VIP Exclusive Membership Program, you will embark on your journey to energy and passion filled life with my 7 Day Gut Health Program. My 7 Day Gut Health Program will teach you how to eat healthy foods that aid in digestion.

Daily email modules
My work books
Preparation lists
Daily communications
Community support
Delicious recipes
1 group coaching session

“Imagine for a moment what it would Feel like to be Vibrant, Happy and healthy in your own body?

With CEO of Your Wellness’  VIP Exclusive Membership Program, you no longer need to imagine what it would be like living a Vibrant, Happy and Healthy life, you can realize it.

Live vibrantly, be inspired, have passion, and start thriving today!

Sign up for my CEO’s VIP Exclusive Membership Program now,
and become the woman who has the energy and passion to do the things she loves.


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