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Nothing gives Francesca Puccio more pleasure than to see other people happy and enjoying life. As a health and wellness coach and special event planner, that is her greatest joy: To see the people she works with more vibrant, happier, healthier, and confident in themselves.

Her mission is to make sure you get there. As a California, real estate agent and business trainer, Francesca has spent years teaching agents how to manage time and priorities, how to keep themselves accountable and how to maintain a positive and abundant mindset to be successful. She’s highly experienced in the process of home buying and keeping that process as stress free as possible, she lives in Thousand Oaks with her husband and three adorable dogs.

As coach and owner of CEO of Your Wellness, she puts all of that experience and more into assisting you to achieve your wellness goals.

Francesca knows just how challenging working your way through a weight loss of detox program can be because she has done it. She understands how tough it is to alter your lifestyle, let of habits that don’t serve you and how to work our way out of corners of despair. That’s why her health programs are fun, inspiring and encouraging.

To have the perseverance, attitude, focus, commitment, desire, self-love and discipline that are all ingredients for transformation you have to be motivated!

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That’s where Francesca comes in. She’ll share delicious farm to table recipes, new ways to harness your inner dragon and creative opportunities to re-vision who you are. Perhaps best of all, she creates relaxing environments to make it easier for you to achieve our goals.

There are no limits in life, only the ones that you may create. Letting go of limiting beliefs will move you toward a happier, healthier, more vibrant lifestyle at any age. It is never too late to get started having all that you want.

The key is to get started and move forward!

When you feel great about who you are, how you look and how you feel you may just become more adventurous, more lighthearted, ready to take on new endeavors. Move in a new direction.

When you’re stepping out with a shine and a sparkle, you’ve succeeded as CEO of Your Wellness.


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